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Currency Volatility: The Most Volatile World Currencies in 2014

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Riot police fought with protesters in Kiev the capital of Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine's currency, the hryvnia, fell 92% last year.

The dramatic drop in world oil prices was a major contributor to the instability of the world's most volatile currencies with two notable exceptions.  Get the full story and the complete Currency Volatility Index for 2014 in this CreditPulse currency risk exclusive.

The world's currencies were slightly more stable in 2014 with the volatility benchmark coming in at 2.81% standard deviation compared to the 2.91% margin from a year ago, according to volatility figures as measured against the U.S. dollar for 116 currencies tracked by CreditPulse.  Five of the world's ten most volatile currencies were in Africa, three in Europe, one in Asia and one in South America.

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