Currency Volatility Tracker

May 2015 Currency Volatility Index

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Russia's currency, the ruble, has risen 10.8% against the U.S. dollar so far in 2015. As of May 30th, the rate is 52.35 to the $1.00.

Commodities-based economies continue to drive currency volatility fueled largely by a rise in the Russian ruble.  Find out which currencies are the most volatile in the May edition of the Currency Volatility Index. 

Currency markets were more volatile through May 30th as the volatility benchmark of the Currency Volatility Index jumped to 2.27 percent from the 1.59 percent figure as of February 28th.  The Currency Volatility Index, which is published by CreditPulse, tracks the volitility of 121 world currencies against the U.S. dollar, the world's benchmark currency.

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